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    These classes are custom designed for senior adults. You will learn how to use your phone and tablet more effectively, confidently and safely to be better connected to your family and friends.

    These classes are great for senior centers, senior communities, non-profits, and independent aging in place seniors. 

    1. Tech Connect
      How to utilize technology to be better connected with your family and friends. Learn about education, entertainment, health & wellness and more!
    2. Tech Scams and More
      Scams Today and How to Avoid Them
    3. The Cell Phone Mystery
      How to read, understand and save money on your cell phone bill 
    4. What Cell Phone Should I Have?
      How to select the right cell phone for you 
    5. Who is my ICE (In Case of Emergency) contact?
      Importance and How to Create an ICE contact on Your Cell Phone
    6. Your Medical ID Profile
      What is your Medical ID and How to Create your profile on Your Cell Phone
    7.  Become a Boomer Zoomer
      What is Zoom and how to use it
    8. Facebook
      Introduction to Facebook
    9. Ride sharing
      What is ridesharing and how to use it
    10. Introduction to on-line Banking
      What is this and is it safe
    11. Technology for Healthcare
      Understanding telemedicine and My Chart
    12. How to Manage Your Digital and Personal Assets
      Record and recover important information quickly and effectively- LifeStats
    13. The Great Digital Divide
      Learn about how seniors and families struggle to utilize technology and access to the internet
    14. Tech Talk
      This is an open Q&A session for your seniors to engage and ask questions about their technology

            *Note: Custom programs are available based upon the needs for your seniors

    Private one-on-one classes and group classes are available.


    Hours of Operation

    Monday - Friday 8:30am-6:00pm

    Special appointments are available

    Counties Served
    • Statewide
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    Personal Emergency Response System

    Just Call Bill is a representative for Luci Life medical alert. Luci Life is a South Carolina company that offers a US made pendant medical alert device. It has the following features:

    • Made and support in the US
    • Two way voice communication
    • Fall detection
    • GPS locator
    • No hidden fees or upfront deposits
    • Personal concierge service
    • $35/month

    Just Call Bill for more information and a demo!

    Counties Served
    • Statewide
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    Computer Aids

    We provide technology move-in services. We set-up your technology when you move in your new home. These are the services the cable company doesn't do, so we help you get your technology connected and running.

    We also provide in-home technology troubleshooting and IT support. So when you have problems with your email, printer, computer, WiFi and more- Just Call Bill

    Counties Served
    • Anderson
    • Greenville
    • Oconee
    • Pickens
    • Spartanburg

Description of Organization

We provide technology services to senior adults and their families, so they can be better connected. Bill has worked with 100’s of seniors throughout South Carolina teaching them how to use their technology more confidently, effectively and safely. Here is a summary of our services along with other educational programs:

  • iPhone and iPad Classes-Learn how to use your phone and tablet more effectively, confidently and safely
  • Educational Seminars- Provide various seminars relevant to help senior adults
  • LifeStats- Learn how to manage your digital and personal assets
  • Technology Centers for Seniors- Partnered with a South Carolina non-profit to provide technology to underserved communities
  • In Home Technology Support- Setup technology and resolve issues in your home (limited geographic availability)

Counties Served

  • Statewide

Languages Spoken on site


Interpreter Line Available for Callers


Hours of operation

Open Mondays through Fridays 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM, except holidays.

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